This application will improve the performance and reliability of your operations enabling your team to reduce;
  • Equipment Failures
  • Downtime
  • Costs to repair

Product Description

IntegrityPRO is our smart, cloud based, integrated Asset Performance Management System designed to create a disciplined and proactive approach to learn, adapt and improve within any equipment intensive asset or complex infrastructure. Ideal for attaining compliance with ISO55000.

Our intuitive application integrates a digital FRACAS solution (Failure Reporting, Risk Analysis & Corrective Action System) with planning, performance management and business intelligence so personnel learn more and improve quicker. Directing focus so asset teams can become more proactive, efficient and effective.

With a tailored interface for each step of the process information can be processed quickly and everybody becomes aware of vulnerabilities early, enabling mitigation to be developed and evaluated in a single application. It’s fully customisable, mobile friendly and can operate independently or integrate with both a digital control system and an existing enterprise solution.