learn, adapt & improve
prepare for success
integrated action trackers

The Challenge

Unwanted events such as accidents, equipment failures, project growth and production losses can and do happen, causing disruption to planning, adding risk and complexity to operations and an increasing burden on budget and personnel.

Without a disciplined approach to learn, adapt & improve these events will continue and eventually destroy asset performance and profitability.

Eventually the cost of repairs and upgrades will exceed available funding and the asset will become unsustainable. Asset management needs to;

  • Learn more & quicker
  • Adapt to changing circumstances
  • Improve effectiveness & efficiency


The Solution

Our SaaS solutions are designed to balance costs, opportunity & risk against performance & objectives with a dynamic and proactive approach.

Developing a consistent high quality methodology to learn from and reduce these damaging events through integrated processes and mobile technology designed to connect personnel and ensure a seamless flow of information. The result, intelligent decisions can be made first time around.

Our total devotion to simplicity has created solutions with a tailored interface for each step of a process. This ensures the application is easy to use, which leaves little room for error and information can be processed quickly.

Each application is fully customisable, mobile friendly and can be located on a secure external server and held internally and can integrate with an existing ERP including SAP & Maximo.



Design Criteria

The software is developed on the principles of lean, efficient and effective workflow management. A template for every log, form and report is provided within the system to establish standardisation and ensure high quality data through ease of use and single point data entry. Therefore, each member is afforded the opportunity to contribute to the process in a consistent and professional manner.

Built upon our proprietary database technology and open source web technologies we provide each user with the same cloud based live data regardless of their location, age of their PC or chosen operating system.

Using a tablet or a PC all users can witness the transition of a failure or deterioration being logged and monitor progress as it evolves to a risk, to an opportunity for improvement, then to a repair and eventually to an investment where senior management can be confident the funds allocated is justified.